About Rapid Replay

Created by five DI athletes that know the triumphs and struggles of youth sports, Rapid Replay serves as the ultimate hub for organizing past highlights and capturing future performances. We know what it’s like to daydream in class thinking about your game tonight. We know that as a parent, you don’t always catch your kid’s game winner on film. And unfortunately, we know what it’s like to spend the next week trying to find the footage.

We passionately believe there are profound lessons in every single sports moment -- both good and bad -- and that those moments should be captured, shared and watched again and again. We know that underdog teams, buzzer beaters, walk-off hits, and sudden death goals help teammates form unbreakable bonds. We’ve experienced the power of teamwork firsthand, and that’s why we’ve created a platform that allows families and communities to relive the moments that matter most.

Join the Rapid Replay community today, and make sure that every highlight gets the attention it deserves!

The Team

Ben Swinford

CEO & Lead Engineer

Nick Busto

Sales & Marketing

Alyssa Gagliardi


Andy Iles

Finance & Operations

Thomas Iwasaki